Jenelle Evans Can Afford Michael Kors But Not School

Jenelle Evans is giving resource
Michael Kors bags

fans one more reason to doubt that she has her life together. While theTeen Mom 2star claimed just last month that she didn't have enough money to put herself through school, she's now buying costly gifts for herself .Earlier this morning, Jenelledebutedher brand new Michael Kors purse and framed photo of her and herTeen Mom 2co-stars. A handbag such as the one Jenelle bought retails for around $200-$300 and while that isn't much for a designer bag, it just adds to the bulk of gifts she buys for herself including UGG boots that cost nearly $800 and a breast augmentation that likely cost at least $5k Michael Kors Outlet Online.Now, all of that would be perfectly fine if she was actually doing something—anything—to better herself, but she's living with her ex-fiance and works from home. With her stay-at-home job salaries and her MTV salary, this is the time she should be using her money to get an education so that when her fame ends, she has something to fall back on.

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